Passive Candidate Sourcing
is the key to finding top talent

aha!hire’s expert sourcing team
can save you hours every day and
connect you with great talent.

The world of recruitment is changing. With 70% of workers on LinkedIn being passive candidates, finding skilled employees with the right skillset has never been more difficult or time consuming- but it doesn't have to be!

Our professional sourcing team uses the best tools and methods to find the right talent for any position

Passive candidate sourcing is the act of finding and engaging potential candidates who are not actively looking for a new job opportunity. The aha!hire expert sourcing team will research and identify these passive individuals before they become available in order to attract them towards open roles within your company - this way you can increase diversity on your team as well as fill empty positions with quality people!

We have extensive experience working with both in house and agency recruiters, providing research, connections, and name generation.  We are the industry's professionals when it comes to finding your next great hire. We use our unique methods and up-to date searching techniques for any position, anywhere in the world! 

Recruitment Marketing Drives Successful Candidate Sourcing

The sourcing process can be difficult and frustrating, especially if you are looking for new talent. You may have a hard time sourcing candidates or even getting in touch with them at all!


This is why we don’t offer candidate sourcing without the full aha!hire experience.  Our proprietary Discovery process and recruitment marketing practices included in aha!hire helps to build trust between you and potential candidates. We have perfected this process and it works! 

Let us help you tell your company story in an authentic way!

We guarantee that we will bring the best techniques and use the most up-to-date tools and platforms.

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